Sustainable manufacturing and compressed air

Manufacturing processes are continually changing.

Yet, perhaps the greatest change that the world of manufacturing has seen over recent decades is not the desire to create manufactured products that have been made using economically sound processes, but products that have been created using sustainable manufacturing processes that minimize negative environmental impacts.

The future is green manufacturing

Climate change, carbon emissions, carbon footprint, renewable energy and green energy are no longer simply buzzwords. They have become part of a global lexicon used to help manufacturing companies lessen their environmental impact and boost environmental performance.

The good news, of course, is that manufacturers that reduce their energy usage, conserve resources and reduce waste are also likely to cut energy costs – and therefore cut production costs, too.

Smart manufacturing is sustainable manufacturing

Around 10 per cent of manufacturing costs are attributable to compressed air – and a typical manufacturing system relies on compressed air.

Given how much energy consumption is required to power compressed air assets, reducing compressed air usage alone is a clear way in which to boost sustainable manufacturing and reduce energy costs.

As the UK’s sustainable compressed air management, control and performance specialist, ENERGAIR has developed a fully integrated and brand agnostic compressed air management service that helps manufacturers reduce their compressed air-related carbon footprint and energy costs using the latest in IoT technology.

The AERO from AIRMATICS - A product to assist with sustainable manufacturing

Arming manufacturers with the tools to take environmental responsibility

Through ENERGAIR, compressed air users can expect to reduce carbon emissions and energy costs by up to 30 per cent. Given the current climate, where energy costs are rising on a frequent basis, the ability to help manufacturing companies reduce their carbon emission and energy consumption is appealing to manufacturing industries worldwide

Whilst it can sometimes feel that manufacturing innovations are being launched on a daily basis, the truth is that many manufacturers – including medium sized enterprises – are missing out on effective sustainable manufacturing techniques that can have a huge impact for only a relatively small investment.

Combining environmental improvement and competitive advantage

Resource efficiency is now a strategic route towards sustainable manufacturing – and being environmentally friendly is also a way in which to boost the bottom line.

In the context of compressed air, this has traditionally been difficult to achieve. Establishing a true picture of compressed air performance across one compressed air asset, let alone an entire compressed air system, was almost impossible.

However, with the growth of IoT technology and the level of technical data and insights that can now be gathered, manufacturers are now able to establish a minute-by-minute picture of their entire compressed air footprint and achieve sustainability levels that were, as little as a decade ago, impossible to attain.

Greater efficiency, greater performance

Sustainable manufacturing is now available – even for manufacturers heavily reliant on compressed air. If you’re responsible for improving your sustainable manufacturing performance and cutting compressed air energy use then our team of compressed air specialists can help.

Reducing waste no longer needs to be a nice to have. It can be quickly and easily incorporated within your business’s sustainable manufacturing strategy.

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