Driving down carbon,
driving out wastage

From delivering world-class compressed air audits to turning even the oldest compressor into a sustainable asset fit for the cleantech world, ENERGAIR’s broad range of application-focussed products and services have been developed to address the entire spectrum of compressed air requirements.

Our services include:

360° assessments

IoT-enabled compressed air control, monitoring and performance

Tapping into CMC’s ground-breaking AIRMATICSTM solution, organisations can now enhance performance, prolong asset lifespan and reduce carbon emissions by up to 30 per cent

Optimisation and continuous improvement contracting

Application logic solutions

Operations and maintenance contracting

Air compressor asset enhancing

Via its sister brand, AIRMASTERTM, ENERGAIR can supply bespoke control and performance monitoring solutions for the full range of air compressors currently on the market

ENERGAIR ‘applied’

Bespoke compressed air solutions based on individual needs and our experience of managing and optimising compressed air environments

Next Steps

Applying new technologies to old processes

Whether you’re looking to turn yesterday’s compressors into tomorrow’s cleantech assets, or get the very best environmental performance from a modern-day compressed air system, ENERGAIR can help.