Green manufacturing

A cleaner approach to compressed air management with trees looking upward

If your focus is sustainable manufacturing, then you’ll no doubt be familiar with the term green manufacturing. But what is green manufacturing? More importantly, what are the benefits of green manufacturing?

Green manufacturing – a definition

According to UK manufacturing title, The Manufacturer, green manufacturing is described as follows:

“Green manufacturing establishes renewable production processes and environmentally friendly practices in manufacturing businesses. The processes help limit a manufacturer’s impact on the plant, enact positive change, and encourage other businesses to follow suit.”

From pollution reduction and reusing waste materials through to harnessing renewable energy and using fewer natural resources, there are many different approaches to achieving green manufacturing – or sustainable manufacturing, as it’s also commonly known.

It’s not just the BIG things that count. . .

…although big sustainable manufacturing gestures undoubtedly go a long way.

Take outdoor fashion brand Patagonia, for example.

In September 2022, its founder Yvon Chouinard announced that all the company’s profits will go into saving the planet after he committed to give away the brand’s profits, in perpetuity, to a non profit and announced that ‘Earth is now Patagonia’s only shareholder’.

Of course, most companies aren’t in the position of making a commitment on that scale. In fact, most manufacturers have to focus on the small things in order to go green and limit their environmental impact.

So, if you’re a manufacturer that wants to lessen its impact on the environment, achieve a more sustainable manufacturing process and use less energy, what can you do?

Using the latest technologies to gain a sustainable manufacturing advantage

There are many tools open to manufacturing companies. However, our approach centers on the green manufacturing benefit of sustainably using compressed air.

Via ENERGAIR, compressed air users can improve and refine their green manufacturing approach by benefiting from the following:

Reduce Energy

Green manufacturing benefit #1 – energy reduction and energy efficiency

Through our portfolio of compressed air solutions, we can reduce our customers’ energy costs attributable to air compressors by up to 30 per cent.

Monitor Compressor Health

Green manufacturing benefit #2 – 360° visibility

Only by seeing what your compressed air system is doing can you really understand it. By looking at real-time graphical interpretations of one or multiple compressed air assets and understanding the data, you can make sustainable manufacturing decisions.

Reduce Emissions

Green manufacturing benefit #3 – cut waste, improve performance and reduce carbon emissions

If you would rather let technology make performance and control decisions for you, then our full AIRMATICS IoT compressed air monitoring, performance and control solution can automatically ensure that your entire system is optimized during every second that it’s operational.

Find out how we’re supporting the manufacturing sector

From bottling companies through to printing manufacturers, we’ve helped countless firms improve their green manufacturing processes.

To find out more read our selection of case studies.

What’s next for manufacturing companies?

Against the backdrop of global warming, climate change and increasing global interest in environmental issues, there’s little doubt that green manufacturing will play a vital role in reducing waste.

However, it’s down to private companies – such as ours – to ensure that the next generation are equipped to conserve natural resources, reduce energy use and cut pollution.

Not only are we committed to sustainable manufacturing, but we’re also committed to helping US and UK businesses create sustainable products, too.

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