ENERGAIR, the North American arm of CMC, draws on its global network of sites to offer the very best in customer service.

If you’re interested in boosting your customers’ air compressor performance, looking to book a preliminary site assessment or would like to schedule a comprehensive air compressor audit, then contact our US office using the contact form below.

North & South America

Energair Solutions Inc.
12777 West Jefferson Blvd
Building D. 3rd Floor – Suite 3012
Playa Vista, Los Angeles, CA 90066
United States of America
+1 855 289 9317

Europe, Middle East, Africa

Compressor & Machine Controls NV
Industriepark Klein Frankrijk
Ronse, 9600
+32 (0) 552 37090

Asia Pacific

Xi Mang Xi Control
Technical Shanghai Ltd
Block A, Floor 1, Building A
1339 Beihe Highway, Jiading District
Shanghai, 201807
Peoples Republic of China
+86 (0) 21 3950 3650