About Energair – compressed air optimisation specialists

Let’s clear the air

Drawing on a global reputation built on providing companies with compressed air control, monitoring and performance expertise, best in class hardware and software engineering, and unparalleled knowledge when it comes to effective compressed air application, ENERGAIR offers the cleantech space with an end-to-end compressed air management service that:

Brand is everything, right?


At ENERGAIR, we’re proud to provide brand agnostic compressed air management solutions that enable your organisation to reduce its environmental footprint and energy costs, regardless of the brand and age of compressors you use.

Cutting edge solutions without brand loyalty

Until now, the price for brand loyalty has been the inability to gain a holistic view of an entire compressed air system as compressor manufacturers have traditionally created monitoring and control solutions that only monitor and control their compressors.
However, most modern-day compressor rooms house multiple compressors, of varying ages and made by different manufacturers.

Joining the dots

ENERGAIR and its team of software and hardware engineers at CMC have developed a suite of brand agnostic products and IoT remote monitoring solutions that enable you to control, monitor and improve the environmental performance of ALL your compressors at once – and make decisions about your system based on how each compressor interacts with another.

ENERGAIR. Giving your compressed air system the green light