Compressed Air Monitoring System

Compressed Air Pipes using an compressed air management system

A smarter way to manage compressed air

Compressed air’s inefficiency makes it one of the most expensive forms of energy, accounting for around 10 per cent of ALL industrial electricity used worldwide.

If you combine this with increasing global pressure to reduce CO2 levels, volatile energy markets, tighter emission standards and growing consumer demand for greater ESG accountability, it’s now clear that optimising your compressed air system is now an economic and environmental imperative.

Maximum performance, minimal effort

To address these issues, ENERGAIR has combined the latest in IoT technology with its global reputation as compressed air management experts to develop state-of-the-art air compressor control, performance and monitoring solutions that have the power to convert standard compressed air assets into smart compressed air assets.

From monitoring performance, status and effectiveness of a single air compressor through to an entire local eco-system of air compressors, ENERGAIR’s product portfolio provides up-to-the-minute compressed air intelligence that enables businesses to reduce power consumption, save energy costs and improve sustainability performance.

Regardless of whether you’re on-site or overseas, the ENERGAIR platform’s cloud-based visual interface allows you to see exactly what’s happening with your compressed air – at all times and from all locations.

By harnessing solutions within the ENERGAIR environment, ALL compressed air users can:

Reduce Energy

Reduce energy costs attributable to air compressors by up to 30 per cent

Monitor Compressor Health

Achieve 24/7 and 360° visibility of their entire air compressor network’s performance, efficiency and health status – remotely or virtually


Automate air compressor monitoring and control by letting our solutions make the right performance and efficiency decisions for you

Reduce Emissions

Cut waste, improve performance and reduce carbon emissions

Optimising your compressed air system is one thing. Keeping it optimised is another

If you choose ENERGAIR to deliver a preliminary assessment and compressed air audit, we will outline:

  • Your system’s trends including performance, efficiency and sustainability credentials
  • Key observations (per individual asset and as an entire system)
  • ENERGAIR’s recommendations

We will then work with you to implement the necessary steps to ensure that your system realises its full potential – but there is also another option.

Performance assured with ENERGAIR ASSURE

Those looking for ongoing support to ensure that their system is not only optimised in the short term but remains optimised for the future can join ASSURE – ENERGAIR’s Energy Efficiency as a Service (EEAAS) framework, which is a subscription service designed to monitor on-going performance and ensure that your system remains optimised at all times.

As part of our EEAAS framework, you and your compressed air system will benefit from a bespoke customer service experience that includes direct access to those who know the products best – the people who designed and developed them.

ASSURE customers will receive:

System topology assessments

Guidance on product arrangement, hierarchy and network layout

Product configuration reviews

Clarification around the suitability of a product configuration and whether or not it’s set up to achieve your objectives

Product connection review

Establishing connectivity between your assets and devices, and our products and sensors

Product communications protocol review

Establishing and ensuring effective communications between your compressed air assets and our products and devices

Lifecycle troubleshooting

Regardless of the date of purchase, we’ll continue to provide ongoing system maintenance and technical support

Operation and Maintenance

Putting a price on peace of mind

Whether you’re an end-user or contractor with limited technical in-house experience, or a capital company wishing to realise, maintain or increase efficiency gains through a fully optimised compressed air system, ASSURE will keep your team engaged and your system optimised.

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