ENERGAIR Applied – an innovative compressed air management system using IOT monitoring

Compressed Air Pipes using an compressed air management system

The nexus between tireless innovation and world-class instrumentation

For almost 40 years CMC, ENERGAIR’s parent company, has been designing and manufacturing compressed air controller, performance and monitoring solutions for manufacturers worldwide.

With its unrivalled experience and a rich history in developing air compressor control and monitoring solutions for manufacturers and facilities of all sizes and across all sectors, CMC is internationally recognised as an architect of world-class machine controller solutions and software applications.

Tapping into these skills and the expertise of CMC’s global research and development team, ENERGAIR APPLIED draws on the knowledge of those at the very top of their field and represents a distillation of almost four decades’ worth of engineering excellence.

Putting YOU in control

We believe that a compressed air asset is only as good as its controller.

Through ENERGAIR APPLIED, ENERGAIR not only provides IoT-led solutions that enable compressed air users to optimise compressed air performance via our propriety cloud-based platform, but also access to some of the most advanced compressed air controllers on the market.

Whether you’re looking to add functionality to a new compressed air asset, upgrade the controller of an aging compressed air asset or replace the controllers across an entire fleet of air compressors, ENERGAIR’s suite of world-class compressed air controller products can add value to ALL compressed air assets and air treatment equipment – regardless of their brand or age.

Revise, not reinvest

Our approach is performance-led, not capital investment-led.

Through ENERGAIR APPLIED, we seek to optimise compressed air system performance rather than reinvent the wheel. After all, why invest in new equipment when you can simply improve what you already have in place.

If our audits reveal that your compressed air asset is sufficient but could benefit from variable speed drive (VSD) technology, we’ll recommend installing a VSD rather than investing in a VSD compressor. Similarly, if the effectiveness of your air treatment assets could improve with upgrades to instrumentation and controls, we would recommend you upgrade the instrumentation and controls rather than replace the asset.

Air Compressor Asset

Our portfolio of world-class compressed air controller hardware can be applied to the following technology:

Pump technology
  • Fixed speed, variable frequency drive (variable speed) or variable output (inlet or outlet regulation)
  • Rotary screw, vane, piston, hook rotor, scroll etc.
  • Single or Multi stage
  • Air compressor, blower or vacuum
  • Pressure up to 600 bar, vacuum and everything in between
Air treatment equipment
  • Refrigerant & desiccant air dryers
  • Filtration equipment

No stone unturned, no process untouched

An optimised compressed air system is also one in which every aspect of the system is running successfully.

ENERGAIR APPLIED also extends beyond the hardware used to control the assets and its cloud-based platform used to optimise them to cover other critical components within a compressed air system including:

Bottling Plant


From air pressure and temperature to flow and air quality, every aspect of compressed air can be addressed through ENERGAIR APPLIED

Application Logic

Edge devices

Ensuring that your network is running efficiently and harvesting data that’s important to you is essential for effective compressed air system management. All this is achievable with ENERGAIR APPLIED


Compressed air communications

Regardless of the network and technology you use, it needs to effectively complement your overall compressed air infrastructure. From Airbus485 expertise to serial bus, ethernet and TCP/IP support, we’ll ensure it runs efficiently and smoothly via ENERGAIR APPLIED

From hardware to software and everything in-between

Compressed air management can be a full-time job. If it’s one that you don’t have the time, resource or inclination to fulfil, then contact ENERGAIR’s team of compressed air experts who can manage it on your behalf.

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