To fix compressed air leakage, you first need to know that it’s there

Compressed Air Pipes using an compressed air management system

As Benjamin Franklin once said, “Beware of little expenses. A small leak will sink a great ship.”

Whilst you’re more likely to be part of an SME than a big ship, the fact remains that if you’re responsible for managing and optimizing compressed air systems across your plant, compressed air leaks are not your friend.

And here’s why:

  1. Compressed air leaks are costly. As the cost of energy increase, are you prepared to throw money away?
  2. Compressed air leaks are bad for the environment. Air leakage is just one more way to unnecessarily omit carbon
  3. Compressed air leaks reduce your bottom line. Cut your air leakage or your bottom line? You choose.

ENERGAIR, on the other hand, is your friend.

This is why we’ve launched our ultrasonic leak detection service.

Compressed air leak detection is one of the key ways in which to maximize performance.

Whether you want to improve the performance of a standalone air compressor or an entire compressed air system, the process must begin with compressed air leak detection.

What is ultrasonic compressed air leak detection?

Whilst the noise a compressed air leak isn’t audible to the human ear, it can quickly and easily be identified using ultrasonic detectors.

Using a series of instruments designed to quickly and efficiently detect leaks, ENERGAIR’s team of consultants will carry out an on-site visit to:

Following our visit, we will prepare a detailed report outlining our recommendations.

This will also include details of any subsequent repair work needed to fully optimize your compressed air system (or compressed air systems).

The scale of compressed air leakage

Following an ultrasonic leak detection survey, it was determined that company A had: 223 leaks >> Amounting to wastage with a total volume of 859 cubic feet per meter. Could that be your air compressor system?

There are many potential sources of compressed air leaks. These can include:

Go it alone or call in the energy saving experts?

Manually pinpointing leaks is time consuming and, more often than not, impossible given how compressed air leaks are difficult to see.

However, if there has been a pressure drop, production equipment doesn’t appear to be performing as well as usual, or your plant isn’t as efficient as it used to be, there’s a good chance that there are leaks in your compressed air system.

When it comes to leaks, ultrasonic leak detectors are a good starting point.

Don’t let your company’s profits disappear into thin air

ENERGAIR’s ultrasonic air leak detection service can bring amount immediate change to your operation by boosting efficiency, reducing costs, creating carbon savings and eliminating waste.

Our ultrasonic leakage detection solutions are also part of a wider service offered by ENERGAIR, which involves:

  • Safeguarding against new leaks
  • Air flow analysis
  • Load measurement across operational assets
  • Proactive maintenance

A summary of our ultrasonic leak detection services

ENERGAIR has designed the following ultrasonic leak detection packages to support every budget. These include:

Preliminary assessment

Supply side audits

Demand side audits

Looking to boost the efficiency of your plant?

To speak with a compressed air leak detection expert about improving your efficiency levels, saving money and cutting waste, or to book a survey of your entire compressed air system, contact the ENERGAIR team today.