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Compressed Air Pipes using an compressed air management system

Taking a 360-degree approach to compressed air audits

ENERGAIR exists to help those reliant on compressed air to harness this valuable source of energy in the most sustainable and cost-effective way achievable.

The first step towards compressed air system optimisation requires comprehensive analysis. Over four decades we’ve distilled our assessment and audit approach into the following four steps:

  1. Preliminary Assessment
  2. Compressed Air Audit (supply side & demand side)
  3. Recommendations and Implementation
  4. ASSURE – ENERGAIR’s Energy Efficiency as a Service framework designed to deliver continuous improvement and help customers maintain optimum performance at all times

Preliminary Assessment

Compressed air energy audits play an essential role in improving the environmental and economic health of your compressed air system.

We’ll carry out a 360-degree review of your system using our in-house ACE model, which measures your current compressors in the context of AGE, CONDITION and EFFICIENCY.

Our ACE model

ACE Model - Letter A
ACE Model - Letter C
ACE Model - Letter E

During this stage we’ll simulate the potential energy and environmental savings that can be achieved by optimising your system. On completion of this phase, you’ll understand:

  • Current compressor performance compared with achievable performance, the findings of which will set the benchmark for your system and arm you with the knowledge required to make decisions to improve system performance
  • How to quickly and effectively reduce your system’s energy consumption by up to 30 per cent and increase asset longevity by decreasing unnecessary wear and tear

Compressed Air Audit

In order to understand your compressed air system, we need to become a part of it.

By installing CMC’s world-class data loggers within your system for up to 14 days, we’ll be able to build an accurate picture of how your system responds to multiple production scenarios and demands – and establish a baseline on which improvements can be made.

In accordance with ISO 11011 standards, we can carry out supply side air audits (auditing compressed air at source), demand side air audits (auditing compressed air efficiency when it reaches the production line) or both. This process is broken down as follows:

Supply side audit

Using the data loggers we will collect data on your system’s:

  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Moisture dew point
  • Flow rate
  • Power consumption

Demand side audit

Includes analysis covered in the Supply side audit plus:

  • Pressure mapping
  • Leak detection
  • Flow and pressure management
  • Air quality assessment

Putting environmental performance in pole position

ENERGAIR’s audits are brand and age agnostic, which provides an unmatched degree of universality and independence.

Our goal is to help improve ALL compressed air users’ performance, regardless of the compressed air assets they use – and this can only be achieved by supplying impartial advice, guidance and techniques based on your system’s performance data alone.

We do not favour one compressor manufacturer over another. We simply illustrate how you can achieve more from your compressed air system, regardless of the compressor mix, and provide you with a roadmap of how to get there.

Each of our audits can also be carried out on single or multiple asset locations, regardless of the compressor’s connection points.

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