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The savings below have been made following the installation of the Energair system

Smarter compressed air management enables packaging specialists to wrap up savings worth over 30,000 € per annum.

When EnergAir and INOV undertook a comprehensive compressed air audit at Plastic Hebert’s plant in Orgelet, France, it was found that well over 20% of the energy used was being wasted.

Despite appearing high, this figure is commonplace throughout many industry sectors. Thankfully though, the compressed air specialists at EnergAir and INOV were able to quickly configure a solution that has since reduced energy consumption by up to 40 Wh/Nm3 per year and is helping to save more than 30,000 € per annum.

Plastic Hebert is a leading producer of injection moulded plastic packaging for the food industry, thin section plastic mouldings and plastic industrial components. Founded in 1930, the company supplies a diverse customer base ranging from smaller manufacturers through to multi-national blue chip organisations.

Plastic Hebert is also firmly committed to environmentally responsible manufacturing and called in EnergAir and INOV as part of a business-wide initiative to reduce costs and minimise the company’s carbon footprint.

“we knew that our compressed air system was inefficient and decided to enlist the help of EnergAir FR INOV because they specialise in undertaking compressed air system audits. They are also independent from any manufacturers and demonstrated that they had the expertise to devise innovative, energy-saving solutions for all types of compressor and work with us to implement improvements well into the future”.

David Ligonesche, Plastic Hebert

“Compressed air systems are a major reason why a huge amount of energy is wasted in industry. Given the growing trend towards greener manufacturing and sharply rising electricity costs, it is now more important than ever for businesses to eliminate this waste. At EnergAir, we understand this and have the ability to work closely with customers in order to quickly identify and remove any inefficiencies”.

Yann Chepeaux of INOV

As part of the in-depth compressed air audit, EnergAir and INOV monitored Plastic Hebert’s two existing CompAir 975ACE (75kW) and two Mattei AC8200 (200kW) compressors, the compressor rooms and pipework over a five day period. All leakages throughout the compressed air system were also recorded. The results confirmed that electricity was being wasted in a number of areas.

First, the system’s average operating pressure of 7.5 bar was over 30% higher than the optimum needed to satisfy the plant’s demand. Sequencing was also being managed ineffectively with one of the Mattei AC8200 200kW compressors being utilised before one of the smaller 75kW models.

Furthermore, frequent uncontrolled pressure drops regularly stopped machines and disrupted production output. Finally, unload running was hugely inefficient with three compressors being used on week days and as much as 40% of electricity being wasted at weekends. After analysing these findings, EnergAir and INOV began configuring a solution to align compressors more closely with the required output, to optimise operating pressure, minimise unload and maximise energy savings. EnergAir’s unique Metacentre XC management system which has been proven in industrial applications worldwide, enabled pressure sensors to be installed in each of the three compressor rooms to provide the capability to carefully balance pressure.

This now allows unload running to be carried out with just one compressor during the week, saving an estimated 15,000 € per year. Unload running at weekends has also been addressed and the improvements implemented here should significantly reduce energy consumption.

Variable Speed Drives (VSD) were retrofitted onto one of the 75kW CompAir 975ACE compressors to continually measure demand and accurately regulate output at a consistent predetermined pressure.

This helps to aligns compressor output with demand and enables the system to run in the most efficient manner without producing compressed air that is not needed.

In addition, a remote monitoring unit has been installed. This provides Plastic Hebert with the ability to monitor energy usage across the plant and identify areas in which further savings can be made. One such area is the existing system pipework which will be reconfigured to again reduce pressure differentials. When implemented, this will help the company to finely balance the pressure in each compressor room and should allow annual savings approaching 10,000 € to be realised.

Furthermore, the Plastic Hebert plans to install a new, smaller compressor to eliminate the capacity gap and has taken the decision to replace the existing compressed air tank. Electrical valves will also be fitted to protect the system’s air filters when compressors are not in use.

Energair Installation At Plastic Herbert

“EnergAir and INOV have provided the perfect solution. They carefully reviewed our old system and then recommended and implemented the changes needed to improve its performance. Now, we have clear visibility of our daytime, night time and weekend compressed air requirements and can adjust output accordingly. We are also able to maintain system pressure consistently across our factory, removing the disruptions that were previously caused by machinery downtimes. The improvements implemented should pay for themselves within twelve months and we are absolutely delighted with the production, energy saving and cost reduction benefits that are now being delivered”.

Mr Ligonesche

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