Audit Services

Because knowing is always better than guessing

ENERGAIR removes guesswork when it comes to the real performance of compressed air and vacuum ecosystem.

A manufacturer may think it knows how its system is performing, but does it really know?

Using ENERGAIR, service providers can quickly establish whether their customers’ compressed air system is running optimally and if they could be reducing cost and increasing profit.

Why carry out an audit?

Without evidence-based knowledge, any key decisions made about a compressed air and vacuum system are based on estimations, approximations and possibly incorrect calculations, none of which will help your customer get the best from its system.

ENERGAIR’S forensic approach to compressed air auditing will not only help your customer make efficiency gains based on accurate and unbiased analysis, but also the savings generated by ENERGAIR typically create a payback on investment period of only two years.

The ENERGAIR audit

Using SCADAR, our advanced data logging and hosted software that has been developed to quickly and easily audit compressed air systems, we can provide preliminary site assessments through to comprehensive air audits.

Find out more about the equipment we use via our SCADAR product site.

How much does an audit cost?

The preliminary site assessment, which establishes where efficiency gains can be made, is FREE. Upon completion, you’ll have an idea of how much energy could be saved and the information required to decide if you want to proceed with a comprehensive air audit.