About Energair

Compressed air system controls

ENERGAIR’S world-class hardware and software has been designed and produced to directly address the functionality, durability and operability that service providers need to support demanding US production facilities.

Simply put, ENERGAIR’S suite of compressed air solutions cater to service providers who want to help their customers get the very best from their air compressors and save energy – and therefore cost – 24/7.

With a ‘no stone unturned’ approach to air compressor management, ENERGAIR’S range of system controls fully integrate with ALL compressed air or vacuum equipment operational on a production site at any given time.

Turnkey compressed air solutions

The US is home to some of the most industrious sites and brands in the world.

So, it’s no surprise that when it comes to integrated solutions, a simple approach is the preferred route.

ENERGAIR’s all-in-one approach to compressed air management means that service providers can help all production facilities, regardless of size, benefit from its series of turnkey solutions ranging from simple equipment control applications to complex installations.

From multiple equipment types and location controls to compressed air automation, monitoring and field bus integration, ENERGAIR meets the needs of the modern US production site.

Boosting performance

Running the latest and greatest variable speed drive assets will no doubt improve efficiency levels. And if your customers are, then ENERGAIR allows you to effectively manage ALL their variable speed drive assets so that you can add value by boosting performance, reducing cost and even cutting their carbon output.

But what if your customers’ sites run older equipment?

No problem. Via ENERGAIR, US production facilities can now convert existing fixed speed air compressors or vacuum pumps to variable speed drive.

Made to measure

When it comes to production and manufacturing, things aren’t always so straightforward and ‘off the shelf’ solutions don’t always solve the problem.

Which is why ENERGAIR can provide bespoke hardware and software solutions by drawing on the comprehensive application engineering resource of its parent company, CMC.

Regardless of your customers’ requirements, our team of experts can design and produce electrical panels to meet the needs of any compressed air or vacuum system.